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 Fence Installations, Takedowns & Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:        How long will it take for Kestrel Ridge Fences to install my fence?


A:        We will schedule your fence installation for a specific week.  Unless weather changes the schedule, you can count on us to be there when you are scheduled for your fence installation.  If you have particular needs as to the day(s) of installation we can work with you, provided we do not have any other requests for that week already.


Q:        What can I expect during my fence installation?


A:        Our fence installers will be in uniform for you to easily identify who is on your property.  Anything our installers bring on your property, they will take off as well.  Our goal at Kestrel Ridge is to enhance your property!  If you see anything you are concerned about during the installation process (i.e. questions regarding location of fence, style, gates, etc.), please, stop our installers and ask or call the office right away.  It saves us time and could save you money!


Q:        Does Kestrel Ridge Fences accept credit cards?


A:        Yes.  We currently accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.  There sometimes is a small fee associated with paying with a credit card.  Please check with your sales representative for more details.


Q:        What kind of wood does Kestrel Ridge Fences use?


A:        We typically use Northern White Cedar or Western Red Cedar wood pickets for our fence panels and pressure-treated posts.  Cedar wood has numerous benefits for homeowners who choose this exceptional wood product.  In addition to the practical features that come with a Cedar fence, you also will enjoy these added benefits:


1.  A longer lifespan.  Even in the toughest outdoor environment, a Cedar wood fence should last 20 years.  Cedar is an extremely durable species of wood.  It's also naturally adept at fending off rot and fungi spores.  No other species of wood fencing can make this claim.


2.  Adaptable.  Cedar is hydroscopic, which makes it capable of absorbing water quickly when it's wet and then release it back into the air later, preventing cracks.  This makes the wood an excellent choice for a home's fence practically anywhere in the country.


3.  Attractiveness.  One of the biggest advantages of Cedar fencing is that it is aesthetically pleasing with a good looking tone and grain.  On a practical level, Cedar also gives off a natural aroma that most people find pleasing and contains natural oils, which act as a deterrent against rotting and insect infestation. 


4.  Durability.  Cedar is one of the most durable softwood found in North America.  Warping is not common for properly installed Cedar, even after decades of use and being exposed to the elements.


5.  Noise reduction.  Want to enjoy that warm summer sun in your backyard?  Your Cedar fence will help block out distracting sounds from traffic, the neighborhood kids and other noise.  In fact, Cedar has nearly three-quarters of the sound dampening ability of concrete! 


Q:        Are your posts cemented in the ground?


A:        YES!  Every post is cemented in the ground.  Do not let anyone tell you that you do not need the posts cemented in.  Depending on the type of fence, your posts will be approximately 24-48" into the ground to ensure full sturdiness and durability.


Q:        How are Kestrel Ridge's wood fences different than any other fence installer?


A:        Kestrel Ridge takes pride in the fact that our wood fence panels are built picket-by-picket onsite – not pre-assembled off-site.  How does that make a difference?  From our experience, the quality of a pre-made fence panel simply isn’t comparable to the quality and craftsmanship you get from having your wood fence panels assembled piece-by-piece and it can be easy for a homeowner to see how the quality diminishes when the fence installer uses pre-assembled panels. 


Many of our Cedar fences are exclusive, custom-designed styles and are not available from any other fence company.  In addition to the value-added quality of a Kestrel Ridge fence, by creating our panels from individual pickets, it allows for more creativity and customization to fit the individual needs of each homeowner.  We strongly believe in the value of anything that can enhance a home's aesthetics – as well as boost a home's property value.  Kestrel Ridge won’t try to talk you out of a specific style, type or feature you had in mind for your fence simply because it would mean taking additional time to do it the way you want. 


Best of all?  Regardless of the kind of fence you want – Wood, Aluminum, Vinyl and more! – with our free in-home consultations, you can see for yourself that you won’t pay more by going with the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship you will get with a Kestrel Ridge fence! 


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